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Psychiatry & Mental Health, Medicinal Cannabis and Cosmetic Medicine.

We have now opened our new location in Sydney CBD, located at 135 Macquarie Street, L9 S904
Sydney within BMA House consulting rooms.

Ou Healthcare Services

Provided by passionate & caring specialists

Medicinal Cannibis

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Passionate & caring specialists

Fairfield’s largest medical allied health clinic

Our philosophy is to provide easy, accessible and affordable healthcare to the city of Fairfield and the surrounding suburbs. This modern super clinic features updated technology, such as online booking and an automated queuing system, to make your visit easy.

Serving Sydney's Southwest

Offering a range of specialised services

Premium Mental Health Service, Medicinal Cannabis, Cosmetic Injections and Allied Health Services.

Offering a range of services from Psychiatry, Psychology to Medicinal Cannabis and Cosmetic Injections. Our experiences, professional and caring team are dedicated to the highest treatment and service.

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