Our Team

Highly skilled specialists providing quality healthcare in person in Fairfield and Australia via telehealth.

Dr Chinthan Nayak

Medical Director

Dr Namrata Shetty

Psychiatrist & Director

Dr Khushboo Baheti


Ray Jiang

Clinical Psychologist

"New Psychiatrist"

Opening Books in October

Nina Warda


Sara Aguiar Diaz

Life Coach

Jessica Kendall

Practice Manager

Tara Campain

Practice Manager


Senior Admin



Katya Mendes


Accessible and state of the art healthcare services

with a multidisciplinary approach to mental health offering most advanced treatment options currently available

Sydney's premium specialist centre

Our philosophy is to provide easy, accessible and affordable healthcare to the city of Fairfield and the surrounding suburbs. This modern super clinic features updated technology, such as online booking and an automated queuing system, to make your visit easy.

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